5 Best Cloud-Based Restaurant Management System for Billing

At present, a large area of the business sector has gone under the control of different digital applications. These applications work as software that enables the user to execute different jobs easily. The business of restaurants is dramatically increasing its prominence in India. Young entrepreneurs of the country are starting up with the restaurant business with a promising dedication while being fully aware of the market needs.

In such a scenario, the restaurant management systems are helping them in multiple ways to manage a restaurant with proficiency. Most of these digital management systems for restaurants can cover aspects like order placements, inventory control, accounting and billing. As the new entrepreneurs are quite exposed to several types of electronic gadgets, they get the neccesary means of access to these management platforms. One of the recent technologies like the cloud system has gained much popularity in the country since the last decade. Now, one can gain access to a restaurant management system to make, handle, rectify and access the bills. Here, you can study the 5 best restaurant management systems that are efficient to manage the billing procedures and provide the user to enjoy the convenience of cloud technology.


The SlickPOS is a leading restaurant management system that is entirely could-based. While a restaurant owner installs it, he can make a user profile easily. This system can efficiently run in a smartphone or tablet. Secure billing is ensured as the system works semi-automatically.

Other than bill making, this system can also help in easy bill tracking. Thus you can analyze a bill easily after a specific period. This enables you to take neccesary decisions in terms of strategy making for your business. This system can also help you to have continuous surveillance upon the inventory of the restaurant. The best feature that the restaurant management software can deliver is the order integration setup. The external orders to various home delivery agents will automatically be enlisted with the help of this system.

GoFrugal Restaurant POS Software

The GoFrugal Restaurant POS Software is also a system that helps a restaurant proprietor to maintain all actions related to book-keeping and billing. You can make all types of reports that can project the condition of your business. The GoFrugal Restaurant POS Software also gives notification for the unpaid bills. Other features that are available in this system are table tracking ability, recipe data storage etc.


Sapaad is a leading name when it comes to the management system for a restaurant. Sapaad is used globally by many entrepreneurs who run the restaurant business successfully. You can use Sapaad to make bill analysis. An accurate analysis can help you to make the future plans of developing your restaurant that can maximize the profit of your eatery. Inventory management can be done easily with the help of Sapaad. Apart from bill management, Sapaad gives you a chance to look after the performance of the staffs working in your restaurant.


MarketMan is entirely a cloud-based platform that a business person can use to control the billing mechanism of a restaurant. While using this POS system, you can get notifications if there is any mistake in your bills. As a user-friendly system, you can control instantly rectify the drawbacks of your bills. As a significant aspect related to billing, you can customize the menu card of your restaurant while using MarketMan. Bill-printing can also be done quickly. Thus, you can improve the transparency of the income and expenditure of the restaurant. Month-End auditing will also become more comfortable.


Peachworks is the best restaurant management system concerning the billing mechanism as it only delivers the conveniences of billing and inventory controlling. If an entrepreneur desires only to improve the billing mechanism of the restaurant, he can take Peachworks. Peachworks efficiently do economic forecasting.

If a restaurant business person desires to carry out a quality test on the menu, he can also go for Peachworks. The unique feature that Peachworks offers to the user is to maintain a proper account of a day. So, the user gets a chance to input all facts about the sales and expenditure of a single day. One can easily analyze the condition f the business by making a clear revenue report for each day.

The cloud-based system allows the user to access the total management from any gadget where the internet connectivity is enabled. You can do it from any place in the globe. This can help the entrepreneur to look after every little thing related to billing. As a business person, you can give yourself a break where your staffs can run your restaurant.

While choosing the cloud-based system of restaurant management, you must be sure about the feature you exactly want. All the above systems can cost you quite a bit of money. It will be best if you take suggestions from a technical person who has a decent knowledge of these systems.

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